House Extensions, Home Improvements and more…


House Extensions

Initial Free Consultation and Site Visit

During the initial phone inquiry, we will arrange a free consultation and site visit to your home. This meeting will allow us to carry out a site survey and gather all necessary information needed to assess the project or house extensions. When requested, we can discuss and contribute to the design process giving the benefit of our past experience.

House Extensions


Planning Permission

We can advise if planning permissions will be required. If requested, we can recommend engineers and architects. We work with some of these regularly, who can assist in the planning application process.

Planning permission will not be normally needed for:

  • Single storey rear extensions under 40 square meters and occupying  less than 75% of the garden.
  • Front porches of less than 2 square metres.
  • Attic conversions with Velux windows at the rear. Attic conversions with dormer windows will require planning permission.


We provide House Extensions, Home Improvements, and more…

Work from Architect’s Plans or as Directed by the Client

We are happy to work from architects or engineers drawings when available. Drawings are not necessary for standard renovation work carried out. We are professional contractors who have the expertise and experience to know exactly what’s required to comply with building regulations. However, if your extension does require planning permission, you will need to submit architects drawings to the local authorities to gain approval.


Home Improvements


Free Quotation

Following our meeting, we will provide you with a detailed quotation for the entire project. We will itemize each task being undertaken and what materials and fittings are included.  That way, there will be no doubt as to what is being included and excluded from the costing. If the quotation is accepted then we will provide you with a scheduled programme of work and a payment schedule for the project.



We can guarantee that our pricing will be among the most competitive you will receive. However, this does not always mean we will be the cheapest. This is because our quote will include everything you will need for the entire project and there will be no hidden extras. Also, although our rates are competitive, we always use top quality materials for the job. We do not make saving by using cheaper and inferior raw materials which could result in the longer term problems for the client. The main reason we are able to provide such competitive quotes is quite simply because of the speed at which we can get the job done. All of our staff work have a strong work ethic and work continuously until the job is done.


The Materials we Use

As mentioned above, we only use the best raw materials available for the job and we don’t make savings or cut corners by using cheaper or less effective products. For example, we use Kingspan floor and wall insulation. For the roof, we use Rockwool insulation with breathing felt. For attic conversions, we fit tongue and groove natural pine floorboards and skirting board. We also use half inch plasterboard and pvc facia, soffit, gutters and downpipe throughout. For steel, we always use high strength steel approved for, purpose by our engineers.

We provide House Extensions, Home Improvements, and more…

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